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Buy Stylage M.

Buy Stylage M. Vivacy STYLAGE M Lidocaine is an aesthetic dermal filler. Design especially for those that want to erase the signs of ageing. It reveals their natural beauty. The results of the filler are visible immediately after injection. Wrinkles are smooth and therefore the face looks younger and vital. Because of the added lidocaine, the pain from the injection is relieve. And you feel easy during the procedure.
The mucopolysaccharide based gel sterile by Vivacy is combined with the natural antioxidant Mannitol, which limits the devastating effects of free radicals on the skin dermis and contributes to the hydration of the treated tissue. Its main function is to stop oxidative damage and to scale back the danger of post-injection inflammation while at an equivalent time prevents the mucopolysaccharide gel structure degradation by the body.

Buy Stylage M Lidocaine.

STYLAGE M Lidocaine is that the first of its kind monophasic cross-linked mucopolysaccharide filler. Develope with IPN-Like Technology as a results of the research of Vivacy Laboratories. It’s completely safe, sterile and biodegradable, made from non-animal components. This eliminates the deepest wrinkles from round the mouth. And smooths the fine lines for up to at least one year.


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